11012460_1525809387710650_1984851953008610788_nFONETIKA Warsaw Hearing Care Center is a place for patients with inborn or acquired hearing defects, for users of hearing aids or cochlear implants. FONETIKA is a place for children with frequent ear infections or ear diseases, speech development disorders or abnormal development. FONETIKA is a place for professionally active people, seniors, athletes, swimmers, musicians, people working in noise and many others. Here you will find a professional aid, counselling and the very best and modern solutions in the field of hearing and speech. Our mission is the good of the patient carried out by professional services in the field of diagnostics, prosthetic, rehabilitation, therapy, medical consultation and counselling. Thanks to cooperation with world market leaders in the production or distribution of hearing aids we guarantee you always the best and modern technology, which will permanently improve the comfort of your hearing. 


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