Develop hobby of your childChild’s auditory reactions are, in other words, a kind of reactions to the sound stimulus. Depending on the developmental age auditory responses and the rest of the senses, mature and sharpen up, allowing to collect more and more subtle sounds and melodies. Proper development of the child’s hearing is the basis for the development of speech, so it is essential to early detect any irregularities.(>>>> Pediatric tests).

  • 10626484_797086927018612_3383632508403543900_n1st month: responding to sounds, changes in activity (eg. sucking rhythm under the influence of mother’s voice)
  • 2nd month: responding to loud steps, auditory reactions to sounds coming from the environment
  • 3rd month: listening to the speech of adults, stopping the movement of the body to the sound of the bell
  • 4th month: listening to the sounds of a rattle, listening to the sounds caused by adult moving the objects
  • 5th month: self-inducing tones, listening to the carers speech, looking for the source of the sound by turning the head
  • 6-7th month: object manipulation in order to extract new sounds, listening to own sounds, repetition of syllables
  • 8-9th month: understanding emotionally colored speech of parents
  • 10-11th month: move to the music, listening, and recognition of onomatopeic expressions and the first words
  • 12th month: understanding of verbal commands supported by gestures
  • 24th month: identification and differentiation of new onomatopeic expressions, differentiation and identification of words, identification and differentiation of the melody and the lyrics, playing musical instruments
  • 36th month: identification and differentiation of new words, understanding longer statements, repeating melodies, creation of independent language based on auditory associations


Remember, each child has their own individual pace of development. These skills are acquired gradually. If you can not answer positively to one of the statements in a certain age range it does not mean that your child has hearing difficulties. However, if the answer to at least two statements is negative or questionable, report this problem to run a follow-up hearing test. 



Based on: Cieszyńska J., Wczesna interwencja terapeutyczna. Stymulacja rozwoju dziecka od noworodka do 6 roku życia (Early therapeutic intervention – Stimulation of child development from newborn to 6 years old). , Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne, Kraków  2007