mother-and-daughter-playing-pianoEvery person has a pair of ears. By using both ears the field of hearing broadens, allowing to determine the direction and the distance from which the sound is coming. In fact, this is not the ears are responsible for processing sound signals but our brain. Our brain to be able to correctly interpret sounds needs to receive them as close to natural as possible. With the bilateral hearing loss, it is important to wear hearing aids on both ears. It is much easier to determine the place from which the sound comes.

Wearing binaural hearing aids is recommended not only to improve speech understanding and listening comfort, but also - and above all - to prevent the auditory deprivation” –  M.D. Ryszard Mikołajewski.

There are a number of advantages of using two hearing aids:

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    Directional hearing is improved. It’s easier and faster to determine the direction of sounds. In a group of people, during a conversation, the speaker often abruptly changes. Two devices help to quickly locate one.

  • It is easier to understand speech using two hearing aids. People with normal hearing can separate one conversation from the other. With two hearing aids it is possible to selectively listen to the person you want to hear – even in noisy environments.
  • Significantly improves the comfort of listening to music and watching TV.
  • The comfort of use of two hearing aids is larger because the volume is set at a lower level than in one device. Overall sound quality is better.
  • The auditory pathway stimulation. Using two hearing aids stimulates the brain and its ability to distinguish sounds.


Studies have shown that people using two hearing aids are more satisfied with the results than those who choose to only one device. The more elements you pick from the auditory puzzle, the easier the communication is.

Author: Aleksandra Stojak Content by Oticon